while this moment was preordained, your choices will define your path ahead.

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tell me about the project?

formerly the core journal, pathos. is phase one of a long-term mental health initiative. the heart of our mission lies in rooting out the rot that is the toxic mindset now endemic in the soul of the startup community, both locally and globally.

from our collective personal experiences to the historical data end trends extracted from market research, we conclude that much of the current systemic issues are instilled, propagated and normalised by this very mindset to the detriment of the entire community, creators, tinkerers and founders alike. our envisioned initial product lineup is currently in late-stage development with the maoventures team and we are excited for the pending end-september launch.


pathos is a latin word that has dual meaning: “passion” but also “suffering”.

to be human is to live with a measure of inner conflict, a conflict of the self. this is as true within as it is without, with the surrounding units of the society we belong to and the others of our extended human family. from there, it is quite fitting that to starting line of the race out of the labyrinth of suffering, the choices we make must be held to account as much as the intention to heal must be true; it is to be truly introspective, purposeful and objective about one’s sense of self. knowing something’s true nature allows us to name it, and by naming it - we give ourselves back a sense of sovereignty over our minds and beings again.

this entire solution is built to be semi-customisable, down to the choice of template modules as well as the order that they are done in. pathos represents the first time you set foot on the path and realise that there is light at the end of unknown.

in essence, you are reclaiming sovereignty of the self, and these templates can be seen as schematics to healing.

there are five modules to sovereign, with pathos as both beginning and core. the schematic templates provided are always process-driven, and pathos focuses heavily on self-compassion, ritualisation in order to form habits and the examination of potential ‘schemas’ or lenses that tint our worldview, and occasionally warp it. by identifying our passions and naming our sufferings - we can form a sustainable, cohesive plan to heal.


the sovereign theory is primarily aimed towards underrepresented neuroatypical creatives and creators as well as those who are close to burnout or losing their why - the original purpose that sparked them into creation. in a sense, they lose their spark, lose their purpose and therefore lose themselves in that process.

we now have a hypothesis for this issue, and we have factored in the socioeconomic, community and peers, situational differences between pre- and post-pandemic onset as well as the individual psychology, belief systems and regional cultures as well as generally accepted thought patterns as the uncontrolled variables in this dilemma. through that, our founders developed a semi-customisable process that uses the schematics above to customise your own journey.

taking inspiration from philosophy, current research on mental models as well as the practices encouraged by cognitive behaviour therapy - pathos itself is the first part of establishing that path to self-discovery, acceptance and alignment.

we do recommend this process for anyone wishing to explore their psyche in a guided but self-paced way, willing to undergo the often painful journey of intentional, objective introspection and identifying behaviours, habits and other patterns that no longer serve them in order to overcome them.


product collection: lux et tenebris
there are so many ideas that we want to develop, however it’s not feasible or efficient. therefore, we have curated a selection of products both digital and physical to develop first.

sovereign of the self: essays
to initially released as an ebook, this guide goes over the overall theory and various ideologies and philosophies that have influenced the overarching theory that we have at present and what went into the creation of the pathos method in the first place.

pathos: a compendium of duality
this is a secondary ebook that can be bought as a bundle or individually. the pathos guide goes over the recommended resources, how to set up your journal and the general mechanics of the process while providing guidelines for the schematics as well as a recommended flow.

the archives: module one
the entire archive of templates at present totals to about 150+ with varying themes. while you could theoretically purchase the entire archive, we have also curated three different themed collections in order to provide options.

the process toolset kits
our tool sets are effectively curated journal starter kits at different price points and themes.

the umbra collective
this is our membership programme where we will share paywall locked content, announcements, exclusive items, discounts and more to our subscribers. members also have access to short courses, live webinars as well as the ability to network within the community and attend events.

the veritas journal and companion app
eventually, we intend on creating our own customised journals for sovereign. the veritas is intended to be unlike the typical mindfulness journals currently available, nor is it completely freeform like a bullet journal. we are presently sourcing suppliers and manufacturers while the app itself is in development - effectively a way for you to access prompts, the community (and the members only side if you do have access) as well as the ability to create a digital archive by scanning your journal pages.

this digital-hybrid solution prides itself on balancing guided structure with modular flexibility.

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the journal’s key feature is the inclusion of an instructional booklet with a series of guided prompts presented in the form of reusable templates. the templates cover various themes: self-compassion, mindfulness, intentional introspection, personal development and productivity.
to make full use of veritas, the duo is also developing inscription a companion mobile app and website. basic features include access to playbooks and guides on the topics touched above, curated content (with plans for a future print publication), access to the web store and the ability to digitally archive pages from your pathos journal for future reflection.
the webstore will host several products other than our pathos journal; from curated Template collections to expand your library to ebooks and video courses taught by hannah - there are also curated journal starter kits for various budgets, custom merchandise and memberships that unlock differe r perks based on your tier.
if you purchase a membership - you’re getting access to the umbra collective, allowing you full download access to the current template library, early access to beta test new features and updates, gated content, a private community server with events, live webinars and more.
support our development by tapping the “+” symbol at the top of the page.

maoventure team

maoventure is co-founded by mimao studios’ hannah azlan and what sorcery’s theo nikolai - a product development and creative studio dedicated to creating products, services & solutions for the startup ecosystem,

development so far


we renamed, we rebranded and we now have an actual brand kit.

after compiling the initial bibliography of references, we realised that there were distinct themes to the beliefs, research and ideologies we had chosen. we’ve decided to turn that into the themes for our tool sets:
do wait for the mock-ups to come out.

initial pitch deck outline has been revised repeatedly due to theo and hannah arguing over design systems. the business model, business plan and go to market strategy have been outlined for further development but the initial funding amount to be raised is being finalised as we have received quoted from certain manufacturers and they made us cry.

we would like to poll people on fundraising platforms like kickstarter and find product testers for the journal tool sets. the form is being set up, so please do email us below if you’re interested in participating.

we would like to encourage more people to donate to our buy me a coffee but hannah has also set up a medium account where we will set up our initial publication/blog.

we also received our first partnership request from a local indie maker 🥺 replying to her soon

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